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I bought a sofa in may.The commercial said 28 days delivery.

I am still waiting it and guess what nobody even bother to call. When you go there asking for an explanation it is always lies.'' it is coming next week, in 2 weeks', '' i promise' i guarantee''...then nothing happen, they don't even call maybe in case you forgot. Then their customer service is very bad. The receptionnist ios not even nice on the phone, the sale representative laugh in your face.

hopefully i will get a refund and never go back there.

an advice do the same.

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Classic Furniture Eynon, PA Closed by Lackawanna County Sheriff

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Sheriff changed the locks for the Classic Furniture on Friday May 30 at the location in Eynon, PA.march and his dad Myer are scam artists and shady people.

The stories coming from nearby businesses are alarming. I filed with the district Attorney and will be setting up a website with thse peoples names and history. I have provided a $5000 deposit on furniture and they closed without calling. They disconnected their answereing machines and no one is at the store.

The store is full of furniture and the Sheriff indicates they will most likely be filing bankruptcy. It is a shame that businesses can operate like this in this day and age. I am going to track marc down at his karate place and I will find out where these people live. I will be glad to post it.

Hopefully, they have ran back to NY where they came from.

First class scammers.

Classic Furniture - Failure to provide customer service, unable to contact

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I brought over 10,000 worth of furniture from classic furniture in Eynon Pa.I just returned one of my pieces to the store for repair, that was about 4 wks.

ago I've not heard from anyone!!! I've always been trying to contact the store without any results, does anyone know if the has closed? i live over an 1 hr. away and can't make a trip for nothing.

No one picks up the phone when you call, maybe it's time to call the better business bureau!!!!

Classic furniture if you're reading this, you've made alot of money on your customers, you owe them better service.

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Do Not Go To Classic Furniture in Eynon, PA

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Classic Furniture is full of lies and cheats. We purchased a couch and it was defective. They came to pick it up and left us with an Orange Futon!!!

Well, it's been four months now and we still don't have a couch. I have six pages of stories you wouldn't believe if I posted them. They're quite funny actually.

We'll se what happens. We requested our money back, but that doesn't seem to work.

You seriously can't believe anything they say!!!!

Oh yeah, Marc is a self proclaimed Kung Fu Fighter, watch out!!!

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I have the owner's sons full name although I doubt it is his actual name.These guys are the *** of the earth.

Absolute low lifes who will never amount to ***. I cleaned their storefront windows for close to 9 months. The son Mark ended up screwing me out of $50 for pressure washing his deck. He actually wanted his whole house pressure washed but when I arrived to look at the job in Jermyn ( I might actually have his address since I save everything ) some red flags went up.

It was old asbestos siding. He told me over the phone it was aluminum siding which I thought maybe this guy is slightly retarded because it obviously wasn't. I politely refused to pressure wash the house. I told him you can't because it's an environmental hazard.

I didn't know what to think at this point. I think the whole time he was trying to scam me. He then said to just pressure wash the deck and I said it would be $50. He agreed to send a check out and *** me went ahead and did it.

He never ended up paying me. I caught him lying to me because he said he was in New York and forgot but then I shocked him by stopping by his scam outfit store. He was in the back like a coward and was scared like that ugly mutt he always has with him. ( which ones the mutt, right?

) I was actually very polite with him and he gave his typical lame *** excuse ( the checks in the mail ... Yeah right u said that 10 times ).

I don't know how but I did end up getting paid to do...

One thing I never liked about them was the secretary ignored calls, was very rude and Mark(the son)was a *** ego power nut job. The father was polite to your face but you could tell he was shady. Seriously, if I wasn't running a professional window cleaning business and was just out their on the streets, I would've pummeled this ***. He deserves it.

They scammed alot more people then u think including old ladies.

I know they are from New York so they probaly just moved back there.That Mark better not see me again because I do not give a *** and I will put him in the hospital feeding thru a *** tube.

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The Village, Oklahoma, United States #14816

We gave a $5000 deposit to Classic Furniture only to find that the store has been closed by the Sheriff and that they plan to file bankruptcy.We called the Disctrict Attorney to report them.

They even tried to charge my credit card $1200 for NOTHING. It took a month, but Myer finally undid Marc's suspicious business. The store is locked and they can not get back in.

They are shady, sleezy people.I am going to start a website and post who they are and where they live with some history so they don't scam more people.

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